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November 18, 2013

Hello Steve,

I appreciate the professionalism of your company.  I would rent from you again if the opportunity presents iteself.  I would refer your company to family and friends if they were in the need of an apartment.

Thank you for everything you have done!

Best Regards,

Tamicka Summerville


Mr. John Peruto:

Thank you for the opportunity to reside in one of the properties.  My family and I were pleased with the apartment, the neighbors, as well as the neighborhood. If for any reason we need to rent again, we hope you would welcome us back.


Margo Jackson

Hey John,

I am writing to inform you that at the end of my lease term of 2012-2013, I will not be renewing my lease at 7212 Haverford Ave, Apt. B2.  

Thank you for providng an excellent rental experience and I appreciate my time at the location.  Any questions or concerns please contact me directly.

Thank you in advance. 

Lamont Brooks

October 3, 2012

This year has been a good year at Golf View. I would recommend the apartment to anyone I encounter.

Thanks for the experience.

Shatea Battle

July 16, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

From: Lashonda Brent

I am a tenant of Haverford Manor Apt. A14.  I am writing this to inform you that I am in the process of buying a home and I will be moving shortly if everything goes accordingly.  I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful Landlord.  It has been such a pleasure.


Lashonda Brent

February 13, 2012

Dear Mr. Peruto,

It is with regret to inform you of my decision to terminate my 10 years plus residency.  I will be relocating to another state.  Therefore, as of February 27, 2012, I will no longer continue to reside at 244 N. Simpson Street.  Please accept my apology for this short notice.  Thank you Peruto Properties for all you do!

Martha Coulbourne

Dear Steve,

Per our conversation yesterday, this is to notify Peruto Properties of our intent to move out the unit 7A at Woodcrest Condominiums, 1411 N. 76th Street, Philadelphia PA 19151 by March 31, 2012.

We are thankful for the excellent services extended to us as tenants of Peruto Properties.


Pierre J. Cliett

Leola Cliett

Adrien Cliett

and Alexis

September 30, 2011

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for helping me a poor woman and her daughters.  Wishing you from the heart continued blessings.  Thank you!

Heavens know what you just did for me and my daughters.


Wadeline Dorsainvil

Golf View Apartments

July 1, 2011

Hello Mr. Peruto,

As per our earlier oral conversations, I will be getting married in August and will not be renewing my lease.  I really enjoyed the two years here and will definitely recommend your apartments to others in need.  My last day will be September 2, 2011.

Thanks again.


Marlene M. Evans

June 24, 2011

Mr. Peruto, thanks again for all of your help over the years.  Your staff has been great!  Thanks for always handling our concerns and maintenance issues in a timely and efficient manner.  I hope that our next rental experience is just as great as it has been at Haverford Manor.  

Take care!

Maria Johnson

Haverford Manor

October 27, 2010

I truly appreciate the prompt, efficient and excellent service provided by Peruto Properties over the course of my 3 year residence in the building.  I would highly recommend Peruto Properties to anyone interested in leasing from the company.  Thanks again for everything!

Warm regards,

Prab Sandhu

August 1, 2010

Dear Mr. Peruto:

It has been a pleasure being a resident at Golf View for the past years and I would definitely recommend your rental property to others in need of a safe, profesional rental location.

Thanks for everything.


Porsha L. Addison

May 19, 2010

Dear Mr. Peruto:

This email is to inform you that on June the 16th I will be moving out of Golf View apartments B105. I would like to thank you for your exellent service over the past three years and I would highly recommend your apartments to friends.  Thanks once again and it was a pleasure doing business with you.


Marion Wilson

July 9, 2009

Re: Golfview Apt. A-103 Thank you

Good morning,

I could not continue my day without thank you and your professional staff for the services rendered  in such a timely and cooperative manner.  If there is a Best in Philly Landlord Award, you have my vote.

Peace & Blessing

Thurston Kinsey

March 12, 2008

John Peruto, Esq.

Peruto Properties

Re: 7409 Brockton Road

Dear Mr. Peruto: 

I will be leaving the above property, 7409 Brockton Road, on March 31, 2008. Don McCormick, Adjuster, IBA has notified Housing, and they should have their furniture removed on that date.

Thank you for a very nice place to say while my home was under construction.  I have expressed to both the Housing and Adjusters what a nice place that you have and the accomodations have been superb.


Wanda Gauthney

"...excellent service over the past 3 years..."--Marion

December 31, 2007

Dear Peruto Properties,

It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to conduct business with you this past year.  Although you have been nothing but professional, I must inform you that we will no longer be a resident of Peruto Properties at the end of the month of January 31, 2008 at 7410 Brockton Road, 1st Floor.

Respectfully yours, 

Mark Ver-Non

August 31, 2007

Hi John!

This letter is to give you written notice that I will be leaving 7412 Brockton Road, 1st Floor, on September 30, 2007.

Thanks for everything over the past six years.  You have been a very dependable and nice landlord.


Danielle C. Milita

January 16, 2007

Dear John Peruto,

This letter is to inform you that I, Refina Ruff, Cecil Landon, and Matthew Wilson, will be moving from your 7415 Brockton Road, first floor apartment property on or before February 28, 2007.  It has been a long journey but we are finally going to purchase a new home.  John, I would like to take this time to thank you for all you've done for me in the past, when I fell behind you understood and were willing to help and I respect you for that.  I will continue to refer friends and family members to your properties whenever they are in need to move to a new residence.

Thanks again, 

Regina Ruff

January 10, 2017
Hello Nicole,
This is to let you guys know that I got a job in South Carolina and will be relocating in the next month or so.
The four years I spent at Haverford Manor have been good ones and the Peruto Properties management team are to be commended.
I will update you the exact date once I have it.
Have a wonderful day and a great 2017.
Chiko Umeweni

Sent: Friday, March 31, 2017 5:28 PM

To: Nicole Martin

Subject: Thank You

Hello Nicole, 

Thank you for allowing me to have the extra day to remove the rest of my items. As soon as I arrive at the apartment I will give you a call.

I have truly enjoyed my stay at Golf View Apartments.  I would definitely reommend you to family and friends.


Ms. Tameka Priester

July 17, 2019

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter as required. To inform you that I will not be renewing my lease. Do to help that is needed with my sister I must move on. I thank you for the stress free and safe building. I have enjoyed living here. I thank you in advance.


C. Nance