The Overbrook and Overbrook Park community has much to offer its residents.  It is located near many public transportation routes, including the R5 line at 63rd Street and City Avenue and the Market Frankford elevated lines at 69th and Market Streets, which give residents access to the entire city of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

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In addition to the ability to travel outside the neighborhood, there is more to offer within walking distance, such as shopping, restaurants, and public parks.  The Haverford Avenue/ City Avenue Shopping District--along with the 69th and Market Shopping area are relatively close to the neighborhood for your convenience.

Also near Overbrook is Lankenau Hospital and St. Joseph's University.  Overbrook is a fabulous area if you are currently a student or an aspiring student to St. Joseph's University.  Overbrook and Overbrook Park are unique in that they offer a suburban setting within the city so its residents get the best of both worlds.